It pays to be a partner with OTU.

Refer Students to OTU and earn up to 20% referral fees by joining our partner program.

Become a OTU partner

Up to 20% referral fees

Our partner program gives you referral fees upon the efforts to enroll students on the platform. You’ll have the opportunity to earn higher referral fees(up to 20%) as you drive more conversions.

Robust campaign reporting

Use your tracking links to segment referred traffic and monitor how different activity performs. Analyze campaigns for any time period by clicks, conversions, product, and more.

As easy as commissions get

You’ll be assigned a unique tracking code, accessible in our partner portal. We track all of otuglobal.com, making it easy for you to earn referral fees for referring students on any course.

In my own words

‘The affiliate program gives use a good referral fees, which is the holy grail of passive income. The system is transparent and payemts are easy.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make money?

Yes. Our partners earn $450 per month on average, and many earn $1,000 or more every month. With a 90-day cookie, you make a 30% commission when anyone purchases a Teachable subscription. Plus, you continue to get the commission as long as they stay on the platform.

How does the 20% commissions work?

We added bonus tiers that apply to each calendar month. If you meet the conversion threshold, your initial subscriptions commission will increase for that month. Recurring commissions will always be 30%.

What kind of support do I get?

We’ll provide you with tracking links and marketing language that has performed well for affiliates in the past. Plus, you’ll also get monthly emails about updates to our platform that might interest you and your audience.

How do I get started?

Sign up to be a partner below. We’ll follow up with you and take care of the next steps.

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